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Why Are You Still Stuck After Reading All Of The Self-Help Books and Attending The Seminars?

In This 7 Week Detox Your Thoughts Course, You Can Work Through The Process Week-To-Week, Day-To-Day Or Breath-To-Breath. I Will Provide You The Colourful Tools You’ll Need Weekly And You Can Embrace Them At Your Own Pace.

Detox Your ThoughtsOr watch my Live Life Colourfully Video

Training & Mentoring

I am not a teacher, but an awakener.” – Robert Frost


Become a Certified Facilitator

Why re-invent the wheel and start from the beginning? Join the program and be given all the training and marketing you’ll need to be a successful facilitator and trainer in Self Discovery!

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WHOLEistic Marketing Workshop

When you are an entrepreneur, your personal and professional life is interconnected. We examine all areas, develop your platform and launch your marketing for ultimate success!

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Small Business Mentoring

People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan. Training and marketing consulting to small businesses and non-profit organizations in the alternative health and healing fields.

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“Angela has such a reputation for changing our lives in just one hour or less, even though it took each of us years to become so stuck.”

— Lisa R.

“…Her insights into what it means to be spiritual beings and humans finding our ways along our individual and collective paths, has always been quite profound.”

— Dr. Michael Koshade

“I took Angela’s Soul Mala workshop. It is beyond words what I was able to uncover there for myself…There is simply no one else like her.”

— Mary R.

Healing Retreats

After hosting and facilitating healing retreats for over 10 years, and being a certified travel agent in Ontario,
Angela is an expert in honouring all your retreat needs.

Angela is a fully certified travel agent with the Travel Industry Council of Ontario.


About Angela

Angela Dacey’s mission is to help you “Get Unstuck and Live Life Colourfully™” in your small business and personal life.

After 19 years, Angela’s background in marketing and personal development has led her to be a sought after professional speaker, marketing consultant, life advisor and event organizer. She has been interviewed around the world for her knowledge and insight.

Angela is a favourite regular guest on Rogers TV shows Daytime and In The Know. She has written articles on Colour Therapy for personal and business purposes for the Chloe, Ki Awareness and Human Spirit Magazines and has currently written her first book on “Living Life Colourfully” available on Amazon.

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