I Believe…

I believe life is about spiritual growth and living your purpose.

I believe everything happens for a reason.

I believe our Divine Source, (whether you call it God, Jah, Krishna, Omnipresent, Jesus, Higher Power etc.,) wants to support us on earth and utilize our skills so that our own spirit and the spirit of others may be healed and enlightened.

I believe no one wants to live in negativity. They just haven’t been taught how to embrace love.

Every day I ask myself, “How can I live bigger, stronger, better and with more love?”

I believe together we are ONE.
I believe I’m living my mission and purpose!

Let me help you shine your light to the world and
Live Life Colourfully!

In my business I have discovered that as I teach people how to love and heal themselves, they spread more love throughout the world. This love then expands through every person we come in contact with in our lives. If we continue to spread the love, I believe the whole earth will soon be connected to Divine Source, their own essence and the beauty and miracle of love.

This is why I’ve expanded my training and facilitating internationally and to holistic practitioners with a mission to serve.

Through my international healing retreats, each participant will come to find passion, joy, courage, balance, truth, inner peace and self love. As I train holistic practitioners to embrace my Self Discovery Certified Courses to reach even more people, they will be increasing the healing and spreading the love.

As this happens, I will be completing my mission and purpose.

I believe together we are ONE.

It’s time to shine your light and live life colourfully!

About Angela

Angela Dacey’s mission is to help you “Get Unstuck and Live Life Colourfully™” in your small business and personal life.
After 19 years, Angela’s background in marketing and personal development has led her to be a sought after professional speaker, marketing consultant, life advisor and event organizer. She has been interviewed around the world for her knowledge and insight.
Her personal and professional experience has also allowed Angela to be a marketing consultant for small businesses, alternative health industry and non profit organizations for years. Studying with the marketing experts from the west to east coast of North America, Angela is a leader in small business marketing.
Angela is a favourite regular guest on Rogers TV shows Daytime and In The Know. She has written articles on Colour Therapy for personal and business purposes for the Chloe, Ki Awareness and Human Spirit Magazines and has currently written her first book on “Living Life Colourfully” available on Amazon.
Her three Journey of Self Discovery™ courses were developed in 1999 to intimately support and guide people in transforming their lives. Her “Soul Mala” retreat is now celebrating the 10th anniversary and is an annual international retreat.
You can find Angela Dacey on Facebook, G+, Twitter, You Tube, Linked In or by contacting her directly at angela@angeladacey.com