Professional Speaking


With the self help industry being a multi billion dollar industry we are bombarded with information on how to transform ourselves from the inside out. With being constantly informed, we wonder why we remain stuck and not able to feel happier, healthier and become more successful.

After 25 years in the self help industry, Angela Dacey wants you to STOP in order to move forward. Stop reading the books, stop listening to the podcasts, stop taking the personal development courses until you begin to follow this one important piece of advice.

Detox Your Thoughts with a Crayon Box!

Imagine turning your stress into joy or fear into passion by using colour as a tool? With having up to 60,000 thoughts per day and 80% of them being negative, we are hurting our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self consistently.
With understanding the powerful affect of the seven colours of the rainbow on our health, we have an amazing power to begin changing our 60,000 thoughts/day to the positive.
Learn how to understand colour and begin to live life colourfully by detoxing your thoughts with the colours in a crayon box.

Fail and Fail Miserably

80% of small businesses fail within the first 18 months! Yahoooo! That’s great news because we need to fail and fail miserably in order to succeed.
It takes time to become a successful entrepreneur and when you learn how to market WHOLEistically, chances for success are much greater.

Understand how to pinpoint your perfect market by looking inward for your passions, values and goals. Learn how to market your business with the smallest amount of money when you are aligned to the outcome. This one talk by Angela will heighten your chances of making you one of the 20% that survive being an entrepreneur.

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