Become a Certified Facilitator

Become a Journey of Self Discovery Facilitator


You have a PASSION for serving others and guiding people to discover their own healing.  Creating the awareness for change is your MISSION.  After healing your own story, you have a burning DESIRE to support others to do the same.

You follow Angela Dacey’s mission and purpose. Let’s shine our light together and make this world a happier, healthier and light filled place inside and out.

After 20 years in the industry, Angela is called by the Divine to reach more people and she calling you to join.

Why re-invent the wheel and start from the beginning? Join the program and be given all the training and marketing you’ll need to be a successful facilitator and trainer in Self Discovery!

As alumni of Level 1 Detox Your Thoughts, Level 2 Shine Your Light (or Your Ultimate Self) and Level 3 Soul Mala (or Soul Sauna) you are now ready to embark on a NEW Journey of Self Discovery bringing others to their own healing.

*IMPORTANT: You must have all 3 levels completed to be eligible to become a certified facilitator of this program.

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In this facilitator program you’ll learn and be given:

  • All the material in detail
  • How to relate it to your own life for an impactful workshop
  • How to analyze your audience’s body language and guidance into how to handle emotional or stressful situations as the leader
  • Create, market, launch and set up on site for your event
  • Use powerful communication, presentation skills and team building exercises for effective interactive involvement with your audience
  • Plus, Level 4 – Angela’s WHOLEistic workshop for in-depth marketing and small business support will be given for FREE!

In addition, each graduated facilitator will be given a product kit filled with all your necessary tools for the course and colour therapy products for back end sales to start your journey!

If you are an alumni, call Angela now to discuss your next step into becoming a Heaven & Earth Inc. trained facilitator in the Journey of Self Discovery Programs.

If you’d like to become an alumni with this amazing opportunity, check out our event listings with our trained facilitators and start your journey into healing yourself and others!