‘Whole’listic Marketing Training

‘WHOLE’istic Marketing Workshop

YKypDjuce0oMtWoxT3QtlZyhc6-Scx0CLkrqjBFZB6UAre you are a holistic/alternative practitioner or a creative soul? Fantastic in your modality? Love to serve & heal? Excited to succeed?

I’ve been blessed to work with hundreds of practitioners over the years with their businesses and now I’d like to offer the same guidance and small business advice to you.

If you are struggling in your business, chances are – you aren’t planning to fail….you’re simply failing to plan!

In my WHOLEistic one day workshop, we look at your TOTAL WHOLE picture. When you are an entrepreneur, your personal and professional life is interconnected.

We examine all areas, develop your platform and launch your marketing for ultimate success! As an entrepreneur in the alternative health field AND a marketing consultant for over 20 years…I will help you.

Using ‘colourful’ tools, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Find distinction in your modality through your story
  • Master your 1 minute introduction
  • Learn how to be taken seriously in the mass market
  • Avoid burnout
  • Develop affiliates and partnerships
  • Target your next step in direction towards success
  • Obtain an accountability partner
  • Become the EXPERT in your field!

As an Expert in Colour Therapy, a Marketing Consultant, Event Marketer, Professional Speaker and Author, I will lovingly support, guide, train and inspire you to go beyond your wildest dreams to achieve empowerment and business success!

My goal and passion is to help the healers, movers and shakers succeed so more people are served and healed on this planet. Let’s be a success together!

Check EVENT listings for details and registration.

Colourfully Yours,
Angela Dacey